Nov 25, 2010


I look at my vast collection of figures and appreciate the wide range of characters that Hasbro and Kenner have covered. Ugnaughts, Amanaman, Pote Snitkin... I love 'em all! But there are a few characters that obviously deserve to be immortalized in plastic...

Where's my Kitster action figure? He's 9-year-old Anakin's buddy, and you see him throughout and around the podrace scenes. He introduced us to the term "wizard" (as in awesome) in the SW universe. Kitster also informed us that poor little Anakin had never won a podrace. Hasbro could pack him with a Wald figure, too, since he hasn't been made either. Wald is another one of Anakin's childhood chums, the Rodian who speaks Huttese. He's got a LEGO mini figure now, so doesn't he deserve an action figure?


Next up is good 'ol Cliegg Lars, Anakin's step-dad. He was a great character in Attack of the Clones; he had that "classic Star Wars" feel. Cliegg was also visually appealing because of his hover-chair thing, (which would probably be accompanied with a chunk of clear plastic for "real hover effects" when put into action figure form).

These three characters deserve action figures more than the army of rehash figures and the endless legions of random Clone variants that Hasbro throws at us. I love figures like Hem Dazon and Dud Bolt, but don't forget the characters that are essential to the Star Wars story.

While we're talking unproduced figures that I want, I'm also dying for a Yoxgit and a Mawhonic (read the update at the end of this post) figure. Here's what my imagination was dreaming up back in August 2006...


I didn't know how to spell his name back then. Oops.


UPDATE: APRIL 13, 2012
I was on the web checking out the newer figures being released... then I saw it! Hasbro made a Mawhonic figure! Instead of a pit droid he comes with a gun, though. I guess he's a bounty hunter like most minor Star Wars characters. When I first heard that Episode I was going to be released in 3D, I was hoping they'd make a figure line that somehow incorporated 3D effects. I later saw the Discover the Force line at Walmart and was excited about the inclusion of 3D glasses on the side of the card (although I'm not too happy about it being unable to fit in a Star Case). I'm thrilled to hear that Mawhonic will come with cool 3D glasses, he'll make a fine addition to my collection.

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