Apr 27, 2017


Target stores have had a variety of cheap toys with a "$1" or "$3" printed in a triangle at the corner of the packages, and Galaxy Force was going to be a line of those sort of cheap-o toys, but I guess something fell through along the way. I own the prototypes for this unreleased line, though, and I wanna share it with you! How cool is this!

This Darth Vader-esque "Space Glow Mask" is the most blatant Star Wars connection.

This thing is awesome! It's not just copied art of Vader, but it's so clearly him. It's a mask with a glow stick kind of thing around the eye holes. The back of the flimsy plastic bag that it's in shows the wrong mask, but keep in mind this is just a mock up piece.

Ha ha, look, the barcode is all zeroes!

To the left of the barcode it shows the Ankyo logo and says, "DISTRIBUTED BY: ANKYO DEVELOPMENT LTD.".

There's a thumbtack-sized hole on the bag. I don't know if this was a place holder for a proper peg hole, or if these had been tacked up on display or whatever.

There's four other masks, though unfortunately none of them are a Stormtrooper or Kylo Ren or anything interesting.

Again the back shows the wrong mask in the illustration.

A "Sample Tag" with production notes is taped onto most of these toys' packaging.

Of note, the tag says "Date Sent: 2/2/2015" and "Product Direction/ Spec #: Star Wars"! That's right, they weren't afraid to admit that they were riding Star Wars' coattails!

A "Glow Wand".

If you look at the edges of any of these bags, you can see they weren't sealed all fancy-like, just taped shut. Man, I'm really curious what's in all the bagged items, like, are there really prototyped toys in these or just chunks of filler plastic?

This one has a bigger peg hole, but it looks like it was just hole-punched.

A red and a blue "ROBET (sic) SHOOTER WITH 4COUNT (sic) DISC" toy.

These each have a small thumbtack hole.

The sample tag notes, "The sample is the same as quoted, the color is mock up. Factories existing, color can be changed for Production.". Below the tag we see they spelled "ROBOT" correctly.

I've seen very similar robot toys called "Atom 7" and "Mr. Robot". I wonder if the Robets were one of those other robot toys just repainted-- used totally just as stand-in mock ups, y'know, like the customized Fisher-Price Adventure People that Kenner used to show-off new Star Wars figures before any were made, and an all new design would be used if the line made it into production.

This next one's a hard plastic "Space Mask". Does it sorta resemble a mix of Vader and a Stormie? Meh, not really.

This one's sample tag has a note typed in red at the bottom: "Hand sample, a new mold is needed for Space Mask &; Shield". If that's the case, I wonder if this mask is from some other previously released line.

Speaking of shields, here they are, the Space Shields.

The sample tag has the same note as the Space Mask, "Hand sample, a new mold is needed for Space Mask & Shield".

The light-up swords, of course. "LIGHT & SOUND SWORD". Notice the different shapes of the two blades.

Here's a close-up so you can see the prototype hand-painted action going on here. That's right, these were painted by hand!

The sample tag's note says, "Hand sample, a new mold is needed--to show the size and function". It's cool thinking that even if this line saw a release, the sabers wouldn't even look like the ones I've got here!

Now the "LIGHT & SOUND GUN".

"Hand sample, a new mold is needed--to show the size and function".


That was exciting! Such a unique collection of cool stuff!

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