Jul 15, 2012


My brother and I were at a flea market digging through bin after bin of comic books and magazines, priced at a buck each. I was keeping my eyes peeled for Fantastic Fours, Star Wars Insiders, and anything else I found appealing. The first book to catch my attention was a silver age Green Lantern, but it was missing the cover, so I went ahead and skipped it. My bro found a copy of Harvey Comic's Ultraman issue one, still in it's original bag. We're big fans of the 1966-1967 Ultraman TV series, so finding anything Ultraman related at a flea market is always exciting...

But ANYWAYS, after awhile, I found this copy of Starlog number 25.


The reason I bought it, though, is the ad that's on the back.


Just take a look at that art! It's like a Star Destroyer's long lost cousin or something.


In small print to the left we learn the image was done by Don Dickinson, copyright date 1977.


The ad itself is advertising Future Life Magazine. No, it's not Life Magazine in the Jetsons era, it's a science and science fiction publication from the late 70s and early 80s.


The contributors wrote about the fictitious side of science (TV shows, movies, etc) but didn't neglect what science was up to in the real world, either.


This ad was a fun and welcomed discovery. I wonder what the future holds for my flea market adventures...


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