Apr 11, 2011


These are three windup robot toys that look a lot like astromech droids with claws.

The shiny gold one is roughly 2.5 inches (about 6.5 centimeters) tall. When you press the top of its head, its eye lights up red and the toy makes a series of beeps and boops that lasts roughly ten seconds and it sounds kinda like R2-D2. Its arms are attached to its body, not its shoulders, and they pivot up and down.

I think there's supposed to be a tiny wheel on the back, judging by the other two bots I own.

This not shiny, more matte gold droid is also about 2.5 inches (about 6.5 centimeters) tall. I haven't tried it out, but I assume it too lights up and beeps.

The silver colored one has a SCUBA theme. It's around 3 1/4 inches (about 8.5 centimeters) tall. I don't know how to put new batteries in it, but its head can push down and there's speaker slots on it, so I'm guessing it makes noises too. There's also a light above the slots so I'm assuming that lit up. Its arms are attached to its shoulders and they pivot left and right. Its visor can lift up, but there's nothing there.

It's got no face!

There's a photo I saw of a carded gold one on a "Computer Bot" card, so that's what I'm calling these now.

Just a little fun fact for ya: The shiny gold robot may be the first "strange Star Wars" collectible I ever obtained. I've had it lying around my house for a long time, and when I really got into Star Wars, the droid was found and put with my other collectibles. Later on, I started really getting interested in bootlegs, knock-offs, and all that, so the little gold fellow gained a whole new appreciation. Now the toy's here on the site, getting the glory it deserves. And to think it was lost in the basement among the Legos for so long... Other candidates for my first strange Star Wars collectible are the Space Light Sword, the Space Warriors/ The Outer Space Men mini figures, and the R2-D2 eraser.

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