Sep 1, 2012


I was doing some random Google searches a while ago, learning about knock-offs and stuff, when I came across a post on a Nerf modding site displaying a gun toy that looked a lot like a Rebel blaster. I tried to keep it in mind because I knew that if I encountered the toy in the wild I wouldn't recognize it as a Star Wars rip-off, so I'd have to remember to keep an eye out.

Well, I was roaming a flea market when I found one of those booths. Yeah, you know the ones, the kind that sell packs of bootleg super hero figures like Batman, Mr. Incredible, and The Thing that has the Hulk's body just painted orange...


I looked around and there they were! No, not the Hulky Thing, I got him at a garage sale. I found the Air Blaster Game sets!



And it's a good thing I got to them when I did; there was only one red one left! I got both for cheap, happily forking over my money. The dealer asked me with a friendly smile if I was going to have a "war" with them when I got home. I was like, "Um... yes, I am," not wanting to go into an explanation about how the toy kinda resembles a blaster from those Star Wars movies.


Here's a comparison of the toy to the DH-17 Rebel Blaster (which I got from the Star Wars Visual Dictionary by David West Reynolds).


There's two different Sky Chasers, as you could see. One is green and shoots foam darts and includes a little target. The other toy is red and shoots bulkier foam missiles. Each gun has the same box and both toys are displayed on the back, although it shows the red and green colors switched from each gun compared to the ones I have. I believe these versions exist, too.


Although it's not advertised on the back, I know of one other Air Blaster Game set. It's a two pack with a foam disc launcher, a small gun, a target, and of course disks and darts. The Rebel blaster isn't included and I see no Star Wars relations.

Below is a close up from the back of the box. It shows the Air Blaster Game logo along with the statements, "Amazing visual convulsion [I don't even know what that phrase is suppose to mean]. toys [uncapitalized and unnecessarily plural] series with strong sense for playing. great [again not capitalized] arrangement, grand show." Great arrangement? Grand show? What is this, a musical?


A sticker can also be found on the back. It says it was distributed by Midwestern Home Products, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio and made in China.


Here's two shots from the top...



Wait, huh? So it's a squirt gun, too? Who'd-a thought! The side of the box, on the other hand, doesn't uncover anything new.


This warning from the inside of the box is pretty ironic considering I first learned about these toys on a Nerf gun modding site. It states, "TO AVOID INJURY: Do not aim at eyes or face. Do not modify missiles.". Well, I guess there's no warning about modding the gun itself.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have a war... trying to find space for these toys in my collection!

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