Apr 13, 2011


Hello, everyone. I'd like you to meet Power of the Jedi's R2-Q5. He's an Imperal Astromech Droid.


That's right, Imperal, they forgot the second "i".


Hasbro seems to love making variations so collectors will have to buy the same character over and over and over. I can't tell you how many Power of the Force 2 Darth Vaders and Boba Fetts I own. But what's odd here is that this R2-Q5 spelling error is not a variation! Hasbro had a good reason to release another variation figure, a correctly spelled edition, and they passed the chance! Hasbro did make a variation of this figure, of course, they just didn't fix the spelling. There's the .0300 and .0400 (those little numbers on the bottom of the back of the figure's card) versions.

The name's correct on the proof of purchase sticker, though.


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