Apr 25, 2017


I have fond memories of going to the drug store and getting foil bags of Crazy Bones figures.

I remember trading a Crazy Bone for a Pokemon bouncy ball at the playground. Ah, late nineties nostalgia!

The character Music (from the Mutants series) has a Princess Leia hairdo and a planet on its dress. This could be considered a knock-off, an homage, or a parody. It comes in different colors.

Crazy Bones were always a bit too wacky and silly for my taste, but I was a real sucker for little figures (like Z-Bots, M.U.S.C.L.E., Monster in My Pocket, etc). Later, Crazy Bones got revamped into sleeker, less goofy looking figures, getting closer to meeting my preferences. The old series' logo used to sometimes say "Go Go's Crazy Bones", though I'd just call them Crazy Bones. The revamp series is the opposite; it's primarily known as Gogo's. One of these nifty  Gogo's figures is named Jelly, and it looks like Darth Vader!

These also come in a bunch of different colors. Here's a lighter green one.

Here's a sticker with a blue Jelly figure on it.

I gotta go back to the playground and see if I can trade some of my Gogo's for some Jelly color variants. I'll meet you at the slide!

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