Sep 26, 2016


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (commonly referred to as the Super Nintendo or the SNES) is host to so many great games, like Mario Paint, SimCity, Pilotwings, and Donkey Kong Country, just to name a few. Then there's those other games that I personally just never got into, like Mega Man X. 

There's one thing in that game that did draw my attention, though: Purple Boba Fett! His name is Vile; he's a villain with a jet pack and a helmet with a T shaped visor. He can shoot missiles out of his knees, which is like Fett's dart shooting kneepads. I've read that his name in the Japanese release was similar to "Boba" so Capcom USA, the company that brought Mega Man X to the States, changed it to "Vile" because they feared Lucasfilm would sue them for his similarity to Boba Fett. I guess they didn't care about ripping off his looks, though. I don't have any photos from the game yet, but I'll get some pictures up someday, hopefully, but not likely soon. But, ta-da! Here's a little figure of Vile!

I forgot to measure it, but I'd estimate it's around 2.5 inches tall.

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