Apr 15, 2011


I was at a toy show some time back when I came across a pile of Star Wars figures marked two for five dollars... that's how I like 'em. They were all mixed up into a long cardboard box, and I was digging in like a pig at a trough. I was hunting out figure variations, and whenever I find a Power of the Force 2 (POTF2) Luke figure, I automatically check to see if it has a short saber in a long tray. Well, when I picked up this carded figure, I found something debatably cooler than a short saber/ long tray: No saber at all!



This toy is what we call an "error". Some people treat them like rarities while others consider them dumb mistakes. I remember reading Steve Sansweet's replies to people's letters in old Star Wars Insider magazines. They would ask if an error increased the value of their collectible or not. Sansweet would reply saying that an error usually reduces the value of a collectible, and he even told someone to try returning the toy and get a refund! To me, they highly increase the value because they make the figure strange and intriguing. Seriously, this Luke figure may be my favorite officially licensed collectible that I own.


Normally, this would be a Canadian, red card, POTF2 (or "LE POUVOIR DE LA FORCE") Luke Skywalker figure. Missing its saber, though, makes it something far more special in my eyes.


  1. I enjoy these sorts of variations, too. Though I'm not sure if I'd see it on Ebay and have to have it, I think it a variant nonetheless. Back in my heyday of collecting, I was at some store (KMart, Target, or Meijer, probably) and came across a POTF2 Boba Fett on a Darth Vader card. It is one of my favorites just because I doubt anyone else has it. :)

    1. One time I was at Target and I saw a Darth Vader incorrectly packaged upside-down, and it got my hopes up. Quickly I realized, though, that the bubble had just been torn off and taped back onto the card!