Apr 24, 2017


I went to a Dollar Tree store on December 31, 2015 and found a line of space toys called... Space Toys.

I'll start with the best item from the line: a cloth vest that's obviously inspired by Darth Vader!

This hooded cloak is kinda neat.

I like how the photo on the package doesn't try to make the cloak look cool, they give you a fair warning.

Of course there's lightsabers. There's no space toy line without lightsabers. Often a line of cheap sci-fi toys is comprised entirely of light-up swords.

And the sabers usually come in different colors. This one comes in a blue, red, and green handle. Why do I fall for variations every time? They were only a dollar each, I couldn't resist!

On September 15, 2016, I went back to the Dollar Tree and saw they had different, smaller handle sabers. I only bought the green one, but in this photo I took at the store we can see these baby swords also came in black and blue. It seems like there'd also be a red one, but I didn't see one. 

I wish I bought the black one to sample that variety, but it had been months since I bought the big sabers so I couldn't remember which colors I had. I ended up choosing green because I've always felt like that was a good bootleg color for some reason.

 Check out these "Space Blasters".

There's a mask, chest plate, and arm bands. I don't really see any Star Wars relation here, which is too bad.

When The Force Awakens was new, I was hoping dollar stores would be inspired, so I kept an eye out. As I walked into the toy isle and first spotted the Vader vest, I shouted like Unkar Plutt, "That's mine!"

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