Nov 1, 2012


It was like no other Friday night. How so, you ask? Well, I got to meet Marky Ramone backstage before a performance by his band Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg! Shaking Marky's hand is a moment I'll never forget, and the concert was incredible. Most of what they played were Ramones songs; really energetic and catchy stuff! It was a hard act to follow, but garage sales were up for the challenge on Saturday morning. Here's what I got!



The Aquarius Home Computer System. When I first saw this I considered buying it just because the box mentioned that games could be played on it, and I'm always on the hunt for video games, new or retro.


Then things got more interesting when I saw this illustration on the top of the box...


The ship on the left looks like an X-wing! That craft on the right looks like a Star Trek ship, I believe it's called the USS Reliant.


Inside the box you'll find the computer itself, of course...


...and all of this stuff, too.


Inside one of the booklets are instructions for playing each game. The last sentence of Alien Quest's description is, "May the force be with you"!


As the sticker on the front of the box said, all six games are on one cassette. Yes, that's right, not a cartridge or a disc but a cassette tape.


That kinda hints at how far back this is from. 1983, to be precise, by Radofin Electronics (Far East) Limited.


This collectible may not be as loud or exciting as seeing one of the Ramones, but it's still pretty rocking.

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