Apr 20, 2011


I found this ad in Fantastic Four issue 235, cover date October 1981. It lists the assortment of 3 3/4 inch action figures you can get from, you guessed it, Heroes World.


It starts by saying, "Now, an even larger selection of 3 3/4 inch articulated figures. All in super detail and full color." Action figures in full color? Whoa!

The ad covers these lines: Pocket Super Heroes (both Marvel and DC), CHiPs (a show about two officers of the California Highway Patrol), Monstermania, Battlestar Galactica, Dukes of Hazard (a show about some people racing around in their orange car), and Star Wars (some cheap sci-fi movie made in the 70s). They tell each character you can get, except for Star Wars they say, "too many to list, suffice it to say that we have the entire collection in stock. Just list the Star War [again they forget that last "s"] figure you want."


So anyways, what really makes this ad special is the illustrations. Yoda's face is priceless!


Darth Vader is looming over Dracula... Vader knows he's the better villain, and I bet Drac knows it, too.


This ad actually has a date on it. At the bottom it says "1981 Marvel Comics Group". This makes troll Yoda happy...

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  1. The Yoda looks like he was drawn by Winsor McCay!