Sep 26, 2016


Do you hate to be separated from your strange Star Wars horde? Well, just hook one of these keychains onto your keyring and you'll always have a piece of your collection to carry along!

These figures are about 2 inches (5 centimeters) tall.

Here's a close up of the tag on Vader, which is identical on each side. It says it was made in China and warns that the figure "may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer". Uh oh...

Below is the Space Man LED Keychain display box my Darth Vader came in. I got my Yoda loose on the secondary market and I've yet to see what box (if any) he was displayed in.

My bootleg senses were tingling as I explored an indoor flea market... then suddenly I spotted the above box full of Vaders! Some sellers refuse to offer display boxes unless you buy all of its contents, though (and often they won't part with them period), so I made sure to cross my fingers when I asked if the dealer would sell me the box separate. Thankfully he agreed-- he actually seemed glad that someone was willing to give him money for an empty, flimsy box.

Notice the live action Vader photo!

As shown below, the back of the box says, "ARTWORK DESIGNED BY E[and]E STUDIO COPYRIGHT".

The box has a "Max Force" logo. Diamond Visions/ Max Force is an importer of various products, including LED items and keychains.

Vader's eyes and Yoda's mouth light up when a button is pressed. The box says it makes a "sword sound", which I assumed meant lightsaber humming and clashing, but it seriously is metal clanging and crashing sound effects. Yoda's my favorite of the two because when his button is pressed he cackles like some Halloween decoration! I instantly fell in love with him after I heard his weird laugh! Truly a strange Star Wars collectible if there ever was one!

Both Yoda and Vader were also made (without the sound and flashlight features) as USB flash drive figures, the kind where its head pops off. There's at least a few variations with these, such as the Yoda holding a cane in front of himself. The flash drive figures may have been produced by a different manufacturer than the LED keychains, it's hard to say.

I've seen a website offer a "Barnyard Brites" display box full of only Vaders. Darth's not very barnyard-y, but neither are the monkey, bear, and snake figures shown on the display box's header. I don't know what's up with that box.

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