Sep 27, 2016


Sometime around the theatrical release of The Phantom Menace, a company called Good Stuff put out this stuffed spaceship toy. Very TIE fighter-esque, right down to the wings' hexagonal shape (although the toy's cute, pudgy shape rounds the wings off a bit. This is what a newborn baby TIE would look like!).

Here's a close up of the tag's front and back. Says copyright 1999.

On the side of its wings and on one of the "stems" it says "Silver wings" and "SPACE FORCE".

On the other stem is a missile and a silly looking skull 'n' crossbones.

On the back it says something like "X-78A".

This TIE appears to have a family. On the web I've seen a very similar spaceship toy (the most obvious difference being two feet or guns or something protruding from its base) that's said to be from a set of bootlegs based off of Kenner's Star Wars Buddies. They were originally available in (if not other sources too) claw machines. I don't recall ever actually playing a claw machine, but I came close when I found a plush of Hello Kitty dressed as sumo wrestler E. Honda being held hostage in the claw's domain. I couldn't figure out how to play, though, there weren't any directions on the machine! So I passed. Sorry, Honda Kitty. (Update! I played a claw machine game to get a Super Mario Boo character plush... I didn't win...)

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