Jun 27, 2011


In 1968, the Colorforms Company made a line of awesome looking space action figures called "The Outer Space Men" (sometimes called the Colorforms Aliens). When Star Wars hit it big in 1977, Colorforms wanted to make a Star Wars "stick-on" set, but Kenner wouldn't allow it. As Mel Birnkrant (the man behind The Outer Space Men) says on his site (melbirnkrant.com/spacewarriors), "So when Kenner got Star Wars and Colorforms did not, I said, Lets cook up our own! I threw the whole thing together in less than a week. The entire operation was somewhat tongue in cheek. Hoping to generate a few extra pie crumbs, I also whipped up four jigsaw puzzles."

And that's the quick origin of these jigsaw puzzles featuring the Outer Space Men AKA the more Star Warsy "Space Warriors". There were four, 250 piece, 14" by 20" puzzles in the set.

The puzzles each had a "SPACE WARRIORS" logo written in the Star Wars font on all four sides of its box. The front only showed an image of the puzzle's picture while the back was blank.

On the puzzle I have, it shows Orbitron (the pink guy with the brains) and Cyclops (big alien with one eye) in a rocky terrain.

Another puzzle shows Xodiac (guy with an orange fishbowl helmet and a staff), Colossus Rex (big guy with fins), and Astro Nautilus (cool, purple octopus alien) standing near some giant mushrooms. The third set shows Alpha 7 (a short alien with a big head and antennae) in a flying saucer soaring above a planet. The last puzzle has Electron +/Electron Plus (guy with a red circle on his belly), Gemini (two headed alien), Gamma X (guy with a gun on his head and see-through body) in some sort of lab.

At the bottom of the box's font, it says, "Colorforms, 1968, 1977, Norwood, N.J.". As I said, 1968 is when the original Outer Space Men were made. 1977 is when the puzzles were produced.

Here's what the puzzle looks like when it's completed, well, sort of. Mine's missing two pieces.

To read a more in-depth history of the Outer Space Men becoming the Space Warriors, visit my Space Warriors/The Outer Space Men Mini Figures page.

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