Jul 7, 2011


I love the Challenge of the Super Friends TV show. It's full of imaginative plots and hilarious situations. In one episode, the Super Friends (who are also commonly called the Justice League or the Justice League of America) float in outer space without protective suits. Then the narrator explains that they were suppose to be in one of the Green Lantern's force fields, the animators just forgot to illustrate that major detail. Speaking of Green Lantern, in the episode "The Time Trap", the emerald crusader momentarily has three arms! These kinds of mistakes don't ruin the show, they just make it more fun to watch.

Anyways, the cartoon features the Super Friends and the evil crew of bad guys known as the Legion of Doom. A bunch of the episodes kick it off panning a swamp scene that always has the same alligators. Then, from the depths of the murky waters rises the Legion of Doom's headquarters, the Hall of Doom...


It really looks like Darth Vader's helmet. I don't know for sure if the Hall of Doom was inspired by the Sith lord, but one would guess.

I've always wondered why the Legion of Doom even bothered leaving the concealing waters of the swamp just to hold a meeting. All they're really doing is blowing their location. Underwater would be a much better hiding spot.


I don't know if the producers thought the Legion of Doom's fort looking like Vader's head would boost the show's number of viewers or what. Maybe they were hoping to make a toy out of it and get some easy bucks off of it. If I remember correctly, the Hall of Doom in the picture below is actually a decoy that the Legion of Doom had in the episode "The Giants of Doom".

Another weird Vader can be spotted on an episode of Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (it might have been "The Case of the Dreadful Dolls", I don't remember for sure). There's a pile of stuffed animals, including ET, the Jaws shark, and a yellow Darth Vader with lightsaber!

So how does any of this relate to collecting...? It doesn't really, sorry, but you can buy the Super Friends DVDs if you want.

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