Nov 1, 2014


Years ago, Tim Mee Toys/ Processed Plastic Co. released plastic, army-man-sized figures, some of which were knock-offs of Star Wars characters. You can read all about that in my Star Patrol with X-Wing Rocket Figure Set (Galaxy Laser Team) post. This time, though, I'll be writing about the larger sized figures, like the one below. The toy's helmet is missing its antenna, but either way the figure stands about five inches (12.7 centimeters) tall.



Below you can see the height difference between the two sets.


These giants have been made in multiple colors including pink, white, green, and silver. I only know of six characters in this set, two less than the smaller scaled lineup. There's five inch knock-offs of Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Chewbacca, plus there's Mutant Crab Man (as I like to call him), the spaceman with toolbox, and the "space hero" shown above. I'll have to give him a name... Mocky Jones? Or is he Mocky's partner, Pinky? I've read people calling him a knock-off of Luke or Han, but I'm just not seeing it.


There's no dates or companies anywhere on the figure.


There's a five piece set on a hanger card that seems to have the Processed Plastic logo on it, so that suggests that these were made by Tim Mee Toys/ Processed Plastic Co. just as their shorter buddies were. The same hanger card says "STAR BATTLE giant size play figures". A comment was left on this page informing me that there were sets packed into a bucket that included small scale figures, a five inch figure (in this case it was Mutant Crab Man), and some X-Wing fighter rockets. I could also imagine these being sold loose, though I've never actually heard that that was ever the case.

This series would make a fine addition to any space collection, plastic mini figure collection, or Star Wars knock-off collection. Mocky Jones proudly stands guard on one of my shelves, patiently awaiting the arrival of Mutant Crab Man and the rest of his crew.


  1. Cool Post! I've been looking for info on the large scale versions. I had the Crab-Man as a kid. If I remember correctly, he came in a bucket style set, where you got the small figures, a large scale figure and then some plastic X-Wing style space ships.

  2. Hi, any information on the the white storm trooper with red boots and blue claws eyes light up red and inside glows