Mar 22, 2011


It started as an average day at Walmart. An employee was cleaning the floors, boxes of candy were on sale, and I was considering getting a 75 cent can of soda. My brother and I were looking at their selection of Star Wars action figures, seeing if anything caught my eye. Well, something sure did...

Staring back at me was a 1997 Power of the Force 2 Admiral Ackbar figure with slide! This was me in March 2011, keep in mind! No, I'm not getting confused with the "vintage" line or any other newly released figure, this was Ackbar straight from the nineties! Below him I then saw an EV-9D9 from the same line.

I tell ya, it was weird.

My Walmart's currently being transformed into a Super Walmart or whatever they're called, so I don't know if that had something to do with it. Maybe they were cleaning up a back room that had some hidden stock from the nineties. If that's the case, I hope there wasn't an old carton of milk or anything like that! What would've been great is if the two figures were rare figures like a gray beard Ponda Baba or some vintage figures. I would've snatched those up like Chewbacca grabbin' C-3PO chunks from Ugnaughts.

I pasted the figures, for anyone wondering. I'll be able to find them cheaper at a flea market or toy show. I just wanted to document this bizarre event because... because... well, because it was a bizarre event.

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