Apr 27, 2017


When I was buying these two costumes, I wasn't getting them for my intense, imaginary sci-fi adventures; I secured these for my collection because of the Star Wars knock-off name and font. Later I discovered a more blatant Star Wars tie.

This guy's Orion, Commander.

Before we look at the costume, let's take a gander at the box and its pretty pictures.

A logo with a witch on a broom crashing into the letter c.

The back of the box lists what the "BLAND CHARNAS COSTUMES FEATURE". Bland Charnas Co., Inc. was a Brooklyn, New York, USA company.

After removing the lid, we get a good look at this not-so-good-looking costume. The mask could be compared to a Vader-Stormtrooper mix, but meh, it's a pretty weak claim.

I love it when costumes have the character's picture on the front of the smock.

Here's Orion's tag.

Now let's look at Venus, Universe Queen. 

I've seen some other names in this series, and some of the characters get renamed (like a sharp toothed, horned creature named both Mercury and Space Monster). There's also Centaurus and Andromeda; I don't know who they are. The coolest Space Wars costume I've seen is a yellow smock with a silver robot on it that is very clearly R2-D2 inspired! The dome-headed robot has two arms coming straight down from its side with funny frog-like fingers, and a wheel at its body's base. I'm pretty sure it's name is Uranus, Rocket Ship Leader.

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