Apr 27, 2017


Pie funnels are little, ceramic pieces made to aid bakers by venting steam from pies while also supporting the crust. They're commonly called "pie birds" because many are shaped like beaked buddies, though they are made in a wide range of other forms, too. It's been theorized that there's even an astromech piebird, but it may just be a tiny, ceramic figure that happens to have a vertically hollow center. Bootleg ceramics are a confusing-- but so very awesome-- bunch.

These R2-D2s were originally sold unpainted. I'm a bit disappointed that mine wasn't painted in a creative and/or horrendously gaudy style.

There's a salt and pepper shaker set that look just like this figure but more shaky and less funnel-y. Whether the shakers were customized pie funnels or a separate product, I dunno.

Although its details aren't movie accurate, it's really not a poorly made figure, much better than one of those punched-in-the-face-and-then-ran-over depictions that characters have received with other bootleg ceramics.

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